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Interview with Brian Chess from Fortify Software

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Brian is Chief Scientist and co-founder of Fortify Software and gave us an interview all about internet security, and the possibility of using static analysis to catch security problems only.


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Newscast for September 21st 2007

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  • Java application of the week jIRCii
    • Use it on our new Java Posse IRC channel - #javaposse on

Quick News Items


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Meet up details for Oslo and Amsterdam

If anyone is interested, Carl and Dick will be in front of the Spektrum in Oslo (where the JavaZone conference was held) at the entrance where the rocket ship was (still is?) tonight (Friday 14th) at 8pm local time. We are intending to go looking for beer and possibly lutefisk. Anyone who wants to is welcome to meet up with us.

Also, tomorrow (Saturday 15th) Dick is aiming to be in Molly Malone's Irish Pub close to the Amsterdam Centraal station at around 8.30pm to 9pm (very roughly - depends on flight, time to find baggage, etc.) so if anyone would like to meet me there, please do.

Molly Malones Irish Pub
Oudezijds Kolk 9
1012 AL Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Java Posse Episode 142 - Special from JavaZone 2007

Velkommen til Episode 142 av Java Posse - Ekstrasending fra JavaZone 2007!

Top reasons indicating you might be on a Broken Project:

  • It takes three months to add one checkbox to a web UI
  • Everything starts to look like it would be quicker to rewrite
  • Everyone on the project has "Architect" on their business card, and yet they never agree on anything!
  • Conversations start with "Oh, that, that's really simple, you just...." followed by a 30 minute description on what to do
  • You time your life around "the build"
  • The GUI is written in AWT... or HTML 3.2
  • Or! The GUI is written in something you wrote yourself
  • The project .... is a home grown web framework
  • Someone just added 5 more hours of meetings to your work week because "it's late"
  • The guy who is supposed to train you, throws a folder of notes at you and runs away cackling gleefully
  • The lines of XML outnumber the lines of Java 10:1
  • You ask about unit tests and get blank stares from everyone, or a "yeah, we should do that really"


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Roundup 2007 Session - Desktop and Web

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Recorded at the Java Posse Roundup 2007. Since this was recorded, the landscape has changed a bit, with Adobe Apollo being renamed to Adobe AIR, Java FX being launched at JavaOne, and Google Gears also being released. The audio quality is what you would expect from a recorder in the middle of the room with lots of people sitting around it.


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Newscast for August 30th 2007

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Quick News

  • A new site collects Java related videos. D TV Java has multiple views for selecting the video you might be interested in, including a blog like view, thumbnail view and random selection
  • We have sat upon this news item for a couple of weeks due to problems accessing the site, but GridGain 1.5 offers an open source, java based grid computing solution built on top of spring and JBoss. As well as a 15 minute video demo of writing a grid application, and the download itself, the gridgain company offers training, consulting and support. They also seem to have a fondness for 2x2 rubiks cubes (which seem like they wouldn't be much of a challenge to solve)

Listener Feedback


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